Social Media on the big screen

While we were waiting for a film to start at the IFFR this week there are was a realtime overview of various social media channels where visitors were leaving their impressions and opinions while at the IFFR. There were, among others, pictures taken with Instagram, statistics about the number of tweets containing #IFFR, the most recent tweets were displayed, profile pictures were displayed of people that “Liked” the IFFR Facebook page and the number of checkins on Foursquare (3 different IFFR venue checkins would enter you into a competition to win a trip to Curacao). 

To make it more fun there was also other realtime data such as the number of toilet rolls used and the number of beers consumed. Obviously when the movie started people were expected to pay attention to the screen…

I find it fascinating to see that social media is poping up more and more in every day situations. Although a touch more than 2100 foursquare checkins after 10 days is a bit meager in my opinion. Especially compared to the 270,000 tickets sold for the total festival. Apparently Foursquare is not (yet) very popular. Having spent a significant amount of time in APAC this surprised me a bit…

A bit of quick research resulted in the following information about the usage by the Internet savvy Dutch:

  • According to estimates by Media Intelligence Lab in August 2011 about 1.4% of the Dutch internet users are using Foursquare.
  • According to AppAppeal Foursquare’s site ranks not very popular as 942nd at the moment of writing this post. This is a significant decline according to this blog from Januari 2011, which is also based on AppAppeal data